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This new popular sport is very similar to classic soccer. The rules hardly differ from the ones of soccer; two teams usually 5 to 10 players per team play 5 to 10 minute games based on group size. The objective is still to score as many goals as possible, except that the players from each team play in a large transparent inflatable bubble (which protects them from head to knees). The feet are then free to run, grab the ball and bump into opponents. Players do not need to have any prior soccer or sporting experience to play! A Bubble Force referee will be provided with your event to supervise the game and ensure the safety of players.


  • Every player MUST be in a bubble suit before stepping into the playing area. All bubble suits must be fully inflated with the players over the shoulder straps secured.
  • Substitutions are allowed during the game at any time. To substitute a player, both players must enter and exit from the sidelines simultaneously.
  • There are NO goalkeepers in bubble soccer only active running players, guarding the nets is not allowed
  • “On the Ground Rule” – Players who are bumped to the ground must be allowed get up before being contacted again. Bumping or tackling a player who’s still on the ground is not allowed.
  • “Whistle to Stop Play” – Referees will blow the whistle 3 times in a row to either stop play, or to signal the end of the game. All players MUST STOP play when they hear the signal.
  • NO excessive bumping players from behind or in blind spots. Players will be penalized with a 2 minute penalty based on the referee’s discretion
  • “Restart of Play” – If play is stopped by the referee, one whistle blow will resume gameplay.
  • Bumping players outside the boundary cones or lines is NOT illegal, As long as the bump occurred in the playing area. If a player falls out of the playing area after being bumped, it’s legal.
  • If the ball goes out of bounds during play it is still ‘active’ unless it goes out of bounds near spectators or other obstacles. Referees will give 2 short whistle blows to indicate if a ball is still ‘active’ when out of bounds.