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How To Book

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FYI: Bubble Soccer is played indoors and outdoors. The playing surfaces consist of artificial turf, regular grass, and gym floors. We don’t suggest gym floor events but we do them from time to time. 

Weather Depending

We play Outdoor May 1st-September 30th

We play Indoor October 1st-April 30th

Ages: We have bubbles for ages 7 and older.

Outdoor: May 1st-September 30th

Indoor: October 1st-April 30th

Before you do anything, we only run group events of at least 8-10 people.

Step 1: Find a location

We run indoor and outdoor events all year long. Based on the time of year you can choose from one of our indoor facilities by clicking the link below or suggest your own indoor facility. Our bubbles don’t like gyms as they scratch up and don’t offer the very best bubble soccer experience!

Step 2: Request bubbles!

Just fill in the spaces provided with your date, time, group size, location, and event type(ie.birthday, corporate) and we’ll get right on it!

Step 3: Booking & Payment

We’ll send you an email with availability and if it all looks good an online invoice with the option to pay right online! Then we’ll book the facility for you! All events are not confirmed until we’ve accepted payment.

Step 4: Confirmation Email

Make sure you get one of these emails it will have some important information on it!