Bubble Soccer

We are the largest bubble soccer provider in Southern Ontario!

We deliver the fun to you! The #1 spot for BubbleBall birthdays, team building & more.

What is Bubble Soccer?

Throw our Bubble Soccer inflatable suit on and you are ready to bounce, hit and flip! Don't worry, it's SAFE! We harness you into the bubble with 2 backpack like straps and 2 handles to hold onto. 

Bubble Soccer is a great idea for birthdays, bachelor/ettes, school events, corporate events, camps, soccer teams and MORE! 

Our event coordinators set up the equipment for you! They also make sure everyone is instructed and safety wearing our bubble suits! Book online or call (416) 806-0709 to book your next event with us! 

  • Fun for kids & adults
  • FREE delivery & setup
  • Coordinators included
  • Six different games!

In BubbleBall, players wear inflatable suits that allow them to safely bounce off one another and roll completely over. You can play games like Bubble Soccer, King of the Ring, Capture the Flag and Bubble Football. 

Our team delivers, sets up & handles all details of your event and can even help you find a book a location, if needed.  Book online or call (844) 344-2867 to reserve your BubbleBall event today!

What do we include?

Rental Equipment

We include our Bubble Soccer Suits, Nets, Soccer Balls, and Water!

We Deliver!

Let us bring the fun to you!

If you need help finding a location, we can help whether it's an indoor or outdoor field!

Event Coordinators

Our fun event coordinators will explain rules, games and make sure everyone is having the time of their lives!

Multiple Games

We don't just play bubble soccer! We have a bunch of FUN games to mix up the party!


Includes everything you need to book a fun-filled event with us! 

 Kick your party up with Bubble Soccer!

  • Fun for ALL AGES!
  • We deliver and set up!
  • Event Coordinators
  • Let us help you book a location!

BOok us for your next event...

Bubble Soccer Pricing

1 Hour


from $350

  • 8 Bubble Soccer Suits          
  • Event Coordinators              
  • Up to 50 kms free travel      
  • Multiple games available    
  • Free weather rescheduling

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1.5 Hour


from $450

  • 8 Bubble Soccer Suits          
  • Event Coordinators              
  • Up to 50 kms free travel      
  • Multiple games available    
  • Free weather rescheduling

Enter your text here...

2 Hour


from $550

  • 8 Bubble Soccer Suits          
  • Event Coordinators              
  • Up to 50 kms free travel      
  • Multiple games available    
  • Free weather rescheduling

Bubble Force Games


Instead of bringing a football, we use one of your players as the football! Score by getting your football into the end zone before the other team!

Bubble Soccer

It's like soccer but with giant balls! The object is to score as many goals in the allotted time! 


It's everyone for themselves! The last person standing is the winner! 

British Bulldog

Try to run across the field without being knocked over by the bulldog! If you get knocked down, you join the bulldog!


Protect them at all costs! Try to knock over the other teams President! Make sure you keep your President safe! 

Capture The Flag

Capture the other teams' flag before they find yours!

Where should we play?

We are a fully mobile bubble soccer provider! 

Need help with a location? Submit a booking request or call us 416-806-0709.

Local Parks

Indoor Sport Centres

Backyards/Green Spaces

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"If you are looking to host a Bubble event, Bubble Force is the best in the business. Cal and the crew are highly experienced, accommodating and very easy to work with, making your event one to remember full of fun and laughs. I highly recommend Bubble Force for your next event."
-Angel K