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Is Bubble Soccer safe?

Yes, Bubble Soccer is very safe! Each of our Bubble Force suits consist of an outer sphere and an inner sphere suspended by ropes in between. When the Bubble Force Suit is fully inflated, there will be a thick layer of air between the inner sphere (where you will be securely inside) and the outer sphere, which will be in contact with the ground.

Furthermore, each bubble suit is made out of durable material, which will absorb heavy impact well. There are two straps inside the inner sphere so you can strap in for a secure fit. Also, for additional safety, there are two handles for you to hold on.

How big are the Bubble Force Suits?

Each bubble suit is made of lightweight material and inflated with air, so they are light and very comfortable to wear. For Adult size Bubbles, they are 1.5m in diameter. For Youth size Bubbles, they are 1.2m in diameter.

Is Bubble Soccer suitable for everyone?

Everyone can play bubble Soccer! It can be played by both male and female, and you do not need to have prior soccer or sporting experience to play! However, we do not advise players who have had back injuries or other severe physical injuries to take part.

Is Bubble Soccer suitable for kids?

Yes it is! In fact we have specially designed Youth sized Bubble Force suits that are smaller in size! These are perfect for birthday parties, school and church activities, etc.

What should I wear when I come?

All players should dress in comfortable sporting attire and running shoes with no jewelry. No soccer cleats or spike shoes are allowed for safety reasons. Eyeglasses are also not recommended since they will fall off during game play

Can I book a party room?

Yes, you can book a party room at our indoor locations. Not all locations have party rooms so please call us at 905-634-2444 or email to find out more about party room use.

Can I bring food and beverage?

Invader Sportsplex: Yes
Players Paradise: No, restaurant on-site
Wentworth Arenas: No, restaurant on-site
Burloak Sports: Yes
Mobile Events: Yes

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and Credit Card.

What kind of venue should I book?

Bubble Soccer can be played anywhere, as long as it has a flat and big enough surface (excludes gym floors). For the best game play experience, we would recommend you to book an artificial turf field. You can also choose to hold it at your own locations or other indoor fields if you wish.

Can I bring my own camera to videotape or take photos?

Yes, but Bubble Force Corp. will not be responsible for any damaged personal items.

Must I have prior soccer or sporting experience to play?

Bubble Soccer is suitable for everyone! It is a fun, safe and exciting activity that brings people together! It is about having a great time with your family, friends and colleagues. You do not need any prior soccer or sports related experience to play.

Still have some unanswered questions?

If you have questions that are not addressed here, you can always reach us by emailing or calling 905-634-2444.